Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Synchronicity - patterns in the Ether?

I first came across the term synchronicity in the book Cosmic Trigger. I'm still not sure if I have the correct definition in my mind even after reading Carl Jung's paper on the concept but I find myself labelling events in my life as synchronistic.

A lot of discussions on the Magic City Pagans forums lately have made me think a lot about it. And then something synchronistic happens!

I find such occurrences to be very personal. Those outside of the situation do not see the synchronicity. In fact, it's the typical situation where close scrutiny can explain it all away. So I am going to relate today's occurrence and you may take it as you wish. I just needed to tell someone...

I was sitting at my computer earlier and kept stepping on some folders near my foot. I finally slipped once too many times and bent down to move the folders. As I picked them up, I only managed to pick up part of them and the rest fell back to the floor.

On the top folder were written three words in my partners handwriting. "Insurance House Lost".

My partner died on April 8th, 2004. Just the other day though, I had commented about paying for the insurance on his house and losing both a theft claim AND the house because we weren't married and had not prepared any legal documents to cover each other.

I KNOW what he meant when he wrote those words. He probably was keeping all information on the theft of the items from his house while State Farm fought to pay on the claim. Jerry died before they paid and though they were withdrawing the insurance payments from MY checking account, they refused to pay the claim to me.

They may have slipped through on that one but they lost my business for house insurance. It was the second time they had treated me wrong on house insurance and I am glad to be rid of them. I use Safeco now and am quite happy with them.

Now it looked more like a prophecy come true. Not to mention that it should happen days after me talking about it online.

I still believe my partner is around and watches over me. And sometimes he lets me know it. Psychiatrists and counselors would say I'm delusional for having such beliefs and at the same time admit they believe in an entity called God. But THEY aren't delusional, just me...

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