Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Lighter Side...

Well, after a short night out at the Quest and a creative mixture of medications, I find myself waking from the most bizarre dreams and unable to sleep peacefully.

That blind cat of mine has insisted on sleeping at the foot of the bed even though I am tossing and turning and talking in my sleep. I've bopped her in the head a few times already though she insists on remaining IN BED and IN the same spot.

Instead, though blind, she uses those eyes of hers to give me that "if you smack me one more time I'm gonna piddle in your cornfakes!" looks. I correct her, telling her that I a no longer eat "corn flakes" (emphasizing the word "flakes" not "fakes" (since in my mind, my cat is still a kid and talks with a speech impediment)).

She corrects herself and says "Well I'll piddle in your multi-=gwain fakes" (multi-grain flakes are what I now eat). This is an inside joke since being blind, she often gets lost on the way to the litter box and does indeed "piddle" where the mood takes her! Leaving surprises in the most upsetting places. So I try to handle them with amusement.

Like using the paper towel roller (the holder in the middle of a roll of paper towels) to beat her with when I get angry. She LOVES the feel of it on her back and the "bonk" sound and I get to relieve my anger and frustration and lighten the mood without upsetting her. I think she just about has an orgasm from the beatings. Takes after me I guess...

The dream itself must have come from this new gay Alabama/Florida magazine I picked up at the Quest called "noise" ( We've been needing this since the "Alabama Forum" stopped and the format and content look good. I intended on writing Don to encourage him and fell asleep reading it.

The dream was about me being involved in some GLBT fund raising event. The details are fast going away but every time I fell back asleep, I found myself smack back in the middle of helping get it ready.

The last scene was of me debating on volunteering to do drag for a performer that had pulled out (the dress was BEAUTIFUL!). Always a secret dream of mine, I just can't bring myself to shave the goatee. It's the last butch thing about me!

Before that, I remember trying to work out the kinks (or put them in) on some display involving a big scoop and motor oil. I recall where this thought may have originated back in a Canadian leather run my Franco-Canadian boyfriend had shown me pictures of a young naked 20-something BOY covered in motor oil. (getting light headed with the memory).

The point is that maybe I need to get back into helping my gay community some. The more the merrier and Bham has seemed to have lost much of its energy though it might be on up-swing.

And instead of standing on the sidelines like a typical fag, bitching about what's wrong with the the folks that are at least TRYING, I may need to look around and ask if there's somewhere I can help file a hole... >:D

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