Monday, March 21, 2016

Is this a dream?

As part of my spiritual growth, to raise awareness of my surroundings, I was taught to do things to keep from falling into a rut.

Since most of us travel, whether it's from the bed to the bathroom, a job, a store, or a friend (to name a few), we quickly slide into an automatic mode and stop observing things around us because we think we've seen it all before.

A great example of this is when we misplace something. When we finally slow down and begin to really "look" again, we find that something hiding in plain sight as if house elves had kindly returned something we're sure had actually been moved.

This is the brains filtering mechanism which is quite powerful and acts in many ways. It's trying to help us navigate a complex reality but if we let it, it can slowly close down a person's view of the world until nothing new and magical is seen anymore.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways of opening up the energy centers of our bodies and no longer walking through the world with our eyes wide shut which may be why you've heard the remark that this is all a dream.

One simple way to wake your mind up is to change your routines. Do them in a new order or take a diffent path to the store. Don't let excuses lull you back to sleep. See how long you can raise your awareness. Shake things up and you may wake things up. Things you may not even realize you had or that you had stopped using.

To quote Wikipedia, "... what constitutes a sense is a matter of some debate...",

As they say, live every moment. There are other things that can help too and you need to be patient and observant to see what works the best for you. There are many things to arouse the senses and many senses to arouse! You don't have to be a mystic to benefit from the many practices out there. You can obtain results without seeing how they work or even understanding why. Just do it! It's time to wake up!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Root of the Matter

It seems to me that many of the youth nowadays are not taught by their parents such things as right from wrong. Manners, kindness, and love have taken a back seat to a very selfish attitude when interacting with the world. Parents are more concerned with being a friend instead of being a parent. They feel the best way to be liked is to give their children free range, getting everything, doing anything, never being guided or corrected, and not knowing what the word "no" means.

For some it's simply laziness. It takes less effort to have a child than to not have one. After that, it's easier to let it do what it wants without guidance than imposing rules and teaching their children right from wrong. In its place, television has become the new nanny and children more often view it from their selfish center, feeling that if it's on television, that makes it okay to do.

Now we are focused on selecting a leader of our country from so many candidates that seem to represent the selfish nature and bad habits, and because our "nanny", television, shows these cruel role models to us, many think that makes it okay.

We are a leading nation of this world and electing such terrible ideals seems to me to be leading us down a very dark road. I don't understand why a person feels dedicated to vote a certain way just because they feel the same way. Does no one have a moral compass anymore?

Claiming a certain spiritual path and then saying and doing things that are contrary to the goodness of that path fools no one, especially the entity(s) you profess to worship. Even if you don't follow any faith, it should still be obvious what is right and what is wrong.

There really isn't an "us" or "them". We are all in this together and we should focus on the good, trying to raise everyone up instead of the need to push others down in our effort to raise up ourselves. It's not easy to do and many take advantage of any efforts, good or bad, to help people. That doesn't mean we should stop helping.

You usually don't know that the future may bring. It could be very different than your present situation. The more we show love and compassion to those around us, the better even the bad times could be. Let go of the anger and the desire to force everyone to follow your path. Each person is entitled to go their own way. Instead, truly walk the way you say you believe and your good actions can make this world a better place for the present and the future.