Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day and MY DADDY

This post is a long time in coming. That's my daddy in the picture above. I think he was quite a handsome man! Loyal, BRAVE, Loving. If you knew me, you'd wonder how I turned out so different. I'd suggest you just read my book when it comes out!

In the above picture, my dad, Almon Fuller Adams, is front row, far right. He was a Navigator in World War II. I used to play with his metals and finally lost them. I still have his bombing flight records somewhere but haven't scanned them in YET. They say I favor him and it has remained a mystery to this day if it's accurate (though I soon plan to reveal the truth!).

My dad's mom also served (I'm pretty sure) in war as the Head of Nursing up North somewhere. I don't recall at the moment. Everyone including my sister (who lived with her for a while when my mom went to Florida for a job) said she was a wonderful person. She was also a member of the Eastern Star, the women's branch of the Masons (which I have always wanted to join!). Here's a picture of her:

The picture above is my mom, Margaret aka Marjorie aka Marge Julia Frey (maiden name) Adams and her brother Arthur.

The picture above is my dad and my Great Uncle Ivan Culp whom I am named after. I believe he served in the Coast Guard since that's the branch of service he always wanted me to go into. I wanted to fly like my daddy.

Above is the grave stone of my dad's dad, Almon P. Adams. I never had the privilege of meeting him since he died before I was born.

The following are here for posterity until I take the time to add them to our family tree on

The following is what little I know of my mom's dad, Arthur Frey. I have yet to determine if he served in the military:

Here's a picture of him:

I don't know my mom's mother's name though I suspect it was Julia since that's my mom's middle name. For completeness, here's a picture of her. I think she is holding my mom and that is her brother, Arthur, standing next to them:

So there's a bit of my family history with an emphasis on military service and support. For what is a Soldier without family and community?

I miss my dad and wish I had had the maturity to have a better relationship with him before he left too soon (I was 19). All four grandparents were also gone before I was even born. I was a "mistake", being born 16 years after my sister.

So I honor all people in saying thank you for your service and I hope however long it takes, that we become a world of LOVE and PEACE and PROSPERITY that becomes a shining example that reaches throughout the Multiverse.

Blessed Be.