Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spiritual Evolution

Central Alabama Pride, Inc.

It's Pride week here in Birmingham, Alabama and I find my thoughts turning to a subject dear to my heart. Spirituality.

Often, as youngsters (and some oldsters) struggle with their sexuality, they turn to religion for answers. This door is sometimes slammed so hard in their face that the person simply gives up on their Spiritual Quest and sometimes, even themselves.

Other times, the passive aggressive approach is taken and the person speaking with a forked-tongue is much more subtle and no less vicious in their remarks. "That sure is a nice shirt. It would like GREAT on someone else!". Ah yes, there's a highly evolved spiritual person if even I saw one!

I had the honor of hearing the Dalai Lama speak in person. Even when talking about something bad, he attempted to find solutions and put a positive spin on the issue. He led by example and it was kind. He wasn't afraid to tackle the tough issues and he laughed a lot!

I was reminded of that by a dear friend today. Don't take life so seriously. If they aren't sleeping with you or paying your bills, they don't really matter!

So don't give up folks! There are many paths through life and many people waiting with open arms.

Here's mine: Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham