Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was recently talking to my niece Elia about her argument with her sister Elise. I had somehow ended up in the middle and was trying to remind her of the same thing she kept reminding me of, that my sister (her mom) had asked they we all stay in touch before she passed on.

She had not been speaking to her sister so I reminded her that you never know when your last moment might be. I jokingly told her that I was calling to tell her that she was on MY shit list. I said we should call it the "Elise" list which she found very funny.

She went on to say that her mom had a similar list which she called the "Disowned" list. She had kicked it up a few notches and I just roared with laughter to know my sister had had a similar idea as I when she was alive.

I then asked, "Was I ever on the "Disowned" list?". "Oh yes, many times" was her quick response! That really got me in stitches of laughter. Especially to know that I had been "Disowned" many times but never told.

I also told Elise that we had called the list the "Elise" list and she thought it was hilarious (though Elise finds most things hilarious). I am still on one "Disowned" list in our family but I am patient.

I am also on many a "shit" list too but those don't bother me as much as family. Like a friend said today, if they are that sensitive, they aren't worth my time. I'm learning not to care as much over friendships and focus more on family. They are "my precious"...