Monday, November 30, 2009

Religious Freedom

For some reason, some people think that because they are part of the majority religion, that gives them the right to force it upon others even in a country based on freedom of religion. From trying to force prayer into schools to particular religious monuments in government, they try to cram their beliefs down everyone's throats.

I don't think they represent their religion, they are just very vocal about the opinions. Just like I don't think the followers of any religion are inherently violent just because some radical groups manage to justify violence in the name of a LOVING GOD.

I can't imagine thinking on my own about religion after being forced into practicing a particular religion throughout my adolescence. Repetition for 18 years is a pretty formidable form of brainwashing. I am thankful my parents allowed me to follow my own path.

Can you imagine how horrible it must be to be strong enough to still branch out on your own only to discover that your government allows only a particular religion and would even KILL you for believing differently?

Living where I do, I am so very thankful that even if someone would do harm to me for believing differently from them, my country still officially supports FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

So if you're one of those NOISY SELF-RIGHTEOUS MY-WAY-OR-THE-HIGHWAY types, ask yourself if your anger and desire to harm me or force me to follow your path is really something that is at the root of your religion. Or is it just a way of your subconscious rebelling in an unhealthy way for things you know about your religious beliefs are just WRONG?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the modern world, the people we associate with are no longer limited by how far we can walk. Modern transportation and communication allows us to extend those we interact with to much of the earth.

And yet, with our ability to reach out more than ever, we seem to have become more distant. We've lost much of our connection and concern with those that are part of our community.

In the past, as people came together in groups, they were dependent on each other and more importantly, AWARE of their interactions. A wonderful sense of "Tribe" existed. But in today's society, it is so often forgotten.

How often do you take the time to determine a person's name when they check you out at a store? Each time you meet someone's eyes, do you smile or say hello? Can you imagine the impact on that person's day you might make in such simple gestures?

Instead of trying to force your beliefs upon others, why not just try to be a living example of them? I don't claim to do it myself all the time but I do feel it is important and try to do it as often as possible.

My mother was a waitress for 16 years and often told me about how hard and thankless the job often was. I know that the places I go regularly for such things as food and gas change by my presence.

I see people often tired and unsmiling change as I approach. They know I am going to acknowledge them and often engage them in conversation because I consider them part of my tribe and important in my life.

I guess it goes back to the topic of "Change" and the realization that we really can affect the lives of everyone we meet in small ways. But you never know what that smile might do for someone. Like the beating of a butterflies' wings in China, the chain of events can extend quite far through our global tribe which we are all responsible for.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


I always enjoyed sports but didn't feel comfortable playing teams sports. I never managed to excel at any and by nature was too critical of myself to participate if I couldn't do well.

Later when I got into high school, I was soon aware of my differences sexually and took being teased by coaches to heart (such terms as being called a girl, or sissy, or faggot).

I think that's where a lot of people learn their cruel natures from, teachers. For some reason they don't think teaching respect for the individual is part of their job. Of course the students follow their lead, and some students get teased in each class. For me, that was physical education.

So they made me shun sports and get out of physical education as soon as I could. I missed not playing sports but it was better that being called names. The sad thing is that the adults turned a blind eye to the problem instead of correcting the adults that were acting improperly.

It seems that the harder we try to be kind, the more cruel others seem to become. The world, especially where I live, seems to be very focused on the individual. The saying "The one who dies with the most toys wins" sums it up.

I know I was and still am often mean. But I am aware of it. I am not sure how often other people are aware of their actions or care. I try my best nowadays to be kind. To recognize when something has upset me and not to project my anger on the wrong person.

We all have the potential for good and bad within us. It is our choice in every moment of our lives that makes us who we are as well as what the world is.

What change do you want to be in the world?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Organization of a complex system

Well, as I realized that Facebook had become much more than a tool for students, I decided to try it again (reluctantly). I like things simple and already had myspace for networking. But good old peer pressure has won out and I am finally starting to use both for the moment. I sadly suspect I will phase out myspace. I say sadly for I feel a sense of loyalty to the site. Being OCD though, I'd rather not duplicate information (which the internet is notorious for doing!) so I am slowly migrating information to Facebook. This lead me to search for the functions I like on facebook only to discover that "blogging" was an ADDITIONAL site I had to join. But, being OCD, I do like the idea of a site with a dedicated purpose. It's just that I see my own small part of the web growing more complex. More sites, passwords, and things to maintain. I am always hesitant to change but much more open to it than in the past. Like those stupid nylon pants I wore in high school because they were so comfortable. I would have looked so much better in jeans...