Sunday, October 18, 2009

Organization of a complex system

Well, as I realized that Facebook had become much more than a tool for students, I decided to try it again (reluctantly). I like things simple and already had myspace for networking. But good old peer pressure has won out and I am finally starting to use both for the moment. I sadly suspect I will phase out myspace. I say sadly for I feel a sense of loyalty to the site. Being OCD though, I'd rather not duplicate information (which the internet is notorious for doing!) so I am slowly migrating information to Facebook. This lead me to search for the functions I like on facebook only to discover that "blogging" was an ADDITIONAL site I had to join. But, being OCD, I do like the idea of a site with a dedicated purpose. It's just that I see my own small part of the web growing more complex. More sites, passwords, and things to maintain. I am always hesitant to change but much more open to it than in the past. Like those stupid nylon pants I wore in high school because they were so comfortable. I would have looked so much better in jeans...

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