Friday, June 21, 2013

Spiritual Practices - Finding your own path

The contradictions, guilt, and fear that many of the spiritual stories I read are one of the strongest reasons I decided to not participate in formal religions. Instead, I made my own path to follow.

I was never one to perform particular rituals on particular days. The idea of participating in a shared experience at the same time and place, over and over, whether it is a weekly thing, a monthly thing, or any other time or pattern is just not something I do well with. I find repetition to cause such things to lose my attention and thus, its power.

Instead, I listen to others, occasionally share in their rituals, and perform my own when and where I see fit. Of course, I occasionally find myself being directed to do such things in places and times not designated as "acceptable" for "unusual" behavior. As we moved into the scientific age, it became more necessary to restrict metaphysical/spiritual experiences to places of worship on specified dates (depending on each religion). I've never understood how people can deny these experiences when they don't occur during the standard worships but when I exhibit these behaviors outside of those times and places, I'm seen as "crazy". Bless their hearts.

To deny the intuition I receive is like a slap in the face to my guides. I live my path all the time, and when required, act upon it as I feel I am directed. I still restrict it at times and am saddened and wonder what I've missed when I do but the world is a very strange place. We live in a world of science and still cling to the unscientific spiritual world, forcing it into OUR time and places. Hopefully a better balance will be found someday.

Today's blog came about as I was walking in a circle, thanking my friends for their guidance and gifts whatever they might be. I skimmed a tree branch and a big wood roach dropped onto my shoulder near to my ear just as I was saying this. I couldn't help but laugh and think of the cartoons where the little devil appears on your shoulder to whisper bad things to do into your ear.

I brushed it away with a feather I had in my hand and said "Well, except for roaches. I don't want any roaches!". I couldn't help laughing even more because I've always thought of my Creator and guides as my friends and they understand me oh so well and can't resist an opportunity to share their humor with me. It was a magical moment.

An odd thing to say from someone who hates roaches like I do but as I've said before, "To the enlightened, Spirit does not always move in mysterious ways!".