Monday, November 30, 2009

Religious Freedom

For some reason, some people think that because they are part of the majority religion, that gives them the right to force it upon others even in a country based on freedom of religion. From trying to force prayer into schools to particular religious monuments in government, they try to cram their beliefs down everyone's throats.

I don't think they represent their religion, they are just very vocal about the opinions. Just like I don't think the followers of any religion are inherently violent just because some radical groups manage to justify violence in the name of a LOVING GOD.

I can't imagine thinking on my own about religion after being forced into practicing a particular religion throughout my adolescence. Repetition for 18 years is a pretty formidable form of brainwashing. I am thankful my parents allowed me to follow my own path.

Can you imagine how horrible it must be to be strong enough to still branch out on your own only to discover that your government allows only a particular religion and would even KILL you for believing differently?

Living where I do, I am so very thankful that even if someone would do harm to me for believing differently from them, my country still officially supports FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

So if you're one of those NOISY SELF-RIGHTEOUS MY-WAY-OR-THE-HIGHWAY types, ask yourself if your anger and desire to harm me or force me to follow your path is really something that is at the root of your religion. Or is it just a way of your subconscious rebelling in an unhealthy way for things you know about your religious beliefs are just WRONG?

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