Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the modern world, the people we associate with are no longer limited by how far we can walk. Modern transportation and communication allows us to extend those we interact with to much of the earth.

And yet, with our ability to reach out more than ever, we seem to have become more distant. We've lost much of our connection and concern with those that are part of our community.

In the past, as people came together in groups, they were dependent on each other and more importantly, AWARE of their interactions. A wonderful sense of "Tribe" existed. But in today's society, it is so often forgotten.

How often do you take the time to determine a person's name when they check you out at a store? Each time you meet someone's eyes, do you smile or say hello? Can you imagine the impact on that person's day you might make in such simple gestures?

Instead of trying to force your beliefs upon others, why not just try to be a living example of them? I don't claim to do it myself all the time but I do feel it is important and try to do it as often as possible.

My mother was a waitress for 16 years and often told me about how hard and thankless the job often was. I know that the places I go regularly for such things as food and gas change by my presence.

I see people often tired and unsmiling change as I approach. They know I am going to acknowledge them and often engage them in conversation because I consider them part of my tribe and important in my life.

I guess it goes back to the topic of "Change" and the realization that we really can affect the lives of everyone we meet in small ways. But you never know what that smile might do for someone. Like the beating of a butterflies' wings in China, the chain of events can extend quite far through our global tribe which we are all responsible for.


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