Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Church of ONE

I find myself comparing my spiritual beliefs to others quite often. I decided to take a walk at Ruffner Mountain this morning and that's where my mind kept wandering.

I don't claim to have much understanding for Einstein's Theory of Relativity but being a big guy, I can see how time and space can warp around large gravitational fields.

If space is seen as a dimension and some string theory suggests even more, will we ever have a Unified Field theory?

My mind often wanders over to science since I am made that way. Incorporating a spiritual side was the hard part. Looking back, it seems so obvious but I think most people see their perspective that way.

Even in science, you see the word "theory" dropped quickly and everything spoken about as if THEIR theory is correct and true. The same holds for many on the spiritual side.

I don't claim to have ANY of the answers and that's why I keep studying both science and spirituality (I avoid the word "religion" for it's negative connotations in my mind). But when I contemplate the INFINITY of EXISTENCE, a spiritual "Law of One" is where I find myself returning to.

If you look on the internet, you'll see a lot of sites under this heading. For me, this simply means that EVERYTHING, through whatever multiverses there are, is connected on all levels.

For some, that belief opens up some interesting possibilities. If you've ever learned how to look at a 3 D picture and see the 3 dimensional image, you might understand where I am coming from (or going to ;).

Before you learned how, you could not see this image. But even if you didn't believe, you could still be taught to see it. It wasn't faith. You just had to learn how. You just have to find what works for you.

Perhaps perceiving other dimensions is the same. You have to be willing to believe in such things. What might those dimensions hold? Are there actually multiverses? Is there such a thing as Spiritual energy? Could science AND spirituality be combined?

I find that if I try, I can explain scientifically things that I often feel are spiritual in nature. Perhaps that's part of the way it works. That it can be explained from either point of view and that one does not invalidate the other.

I just find trying to explain everything to everyone to distract me from LIVING. I'd rather spend the time enjoying the moment. I don't mind learning other folk's views but I am thankful that America protects my right to FREEDOM OF RELIGION.


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