Friday, August 20, 2010

Bye bye Eastern Newts, Hello Leopard Gecko

A few months ago I bought two Eastern Newts which I named "Newt" and "NewtNewt". NewtNewt was restless and soon disappeared from the 55 gallon terrarium. I never found a body (yet).

"Newt" was much calmer and hung around the log, occasionally hunting food. I had brought home crickets, blood worms, tubafix worms, fish food, and pellets. I brought in rolly polly's, snails, centipedes, and even found a yellow-spotted salamander!

"Newt" occasionally ate small mites that climbed around on the stump but ever so slowly, she began to get thinner.

I went to the pet store for help and the above list of foods were tried. Nothing worked. I suggested I bring them back but the lady admitted they had the same problem and that they eventually died.

I debated on taking the to the vernal pools at Ruffner but knew they weren't local species. So I just watched as poor "Newt" waster away. I even tried force feeding her but that failed too and "Newt" died.

"Newt" now sits on her log desiccating gracefully. And I have a void to fill...

I finally get down to getting either a turtle, lizard, or gecko. When I got to the store, they had a choice of a cute baby corn snake or various geckos. Since I really didn't want to get back into raising mice or feeding them or their pinkies to my snake, I opted for a cute speckled Leopard Gecko that eats crickets!

It seems happy enough and was already searching for food when last I checked. Let's hope for the best while I start thinking of names...

This brings up the subject of captive animals. I am against it if the habitat isn't good enough. If the animal is not happy, it's better off dead.

So I have to keep that in mind. I think fish and reptiles are better off in a habitat and happier. They are safe and better fed. The have less fear (in whatever way they feel that). But I do think about it. That's why I don't get birds since keeping them from flying really is cruel (just an example).

But I think the energy from the plants and animals and the water feature is good for bringing the outside, in. A bit of Feng Shui. And I like just sitting and looking at it. Very therapeutic!

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