Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alabama Pagan aka Spiritual aka tatonkabean

I want the world to KNOW that I love them sow..."Fern gully" - make it grow!

teaching the NEW way through the

of multi-meanings
in a WORD
in many languages
in my area
parts of many religions
using a body with a parallel processing (6.9?) -
left and right hemispheres, hypathalusmus, etc.,
w/hyper-threading & lucky number i 7 ... memory processing unit burned out,
need replacement or coffee...
Perhaps just an egg short of a dozen?
No, just a few nuts and bolts loose (did u get all that?)
and trying desperately not to FORGET ever again....who? I AM!
And what my soul contract contains at the moment (just sign here
and initial there...). There. Changes are made. u r ready 2 go again!
To infinity and beyond! Android or Cyborg or human, we love them all ;)
This is tiggerthetiger23, or 2010-01-7 (makes it easy to sort on PC).
Too much input, shutting down, and rebooting... Nighty night!

P.S. The addy is

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