Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have a great doctor but she always thinks she is right and I am a Shaman and I think I know a bit about herbal medicine as well as treating my tribe (don't have a DEGREE yet so I get NO respect from her).

Anyway, because of things she knows because she's my doctor, she has yet to take the time to listen to all my problems (too busy) and is a Lesbian with authority issues when it comes to dominating males like a Capricorn/Tiger/Metal Shaman like me.

Look up Capricorn and the Chinese Zodiac (Lunar) for a fuller explanation of ME. Check out books on Feng Shui such as "Chinese Whispers" (excellent book!) or wikipedia for either Solar or Lunar Zodiac to understand the plan GOD layed out in the moving super-computer that is the planets and the Universe.

See wikipedia on the UNKNOWN state of matter in the periodic table which I call the ETHERIC in my new book. Physics 101 for Believers.

Anyway, until I can afford ambien or such, I get what I need where I need it and am finally RESTED! I was really getting loopy on 1 hour of rest every 24. Yeah, bipolar is a bitch when the pills are $15 each and I sometimes take up to 3 a day.

Not to mention dyslexia (unrecognized even though I got shock tested after being electricuted). Doctor's are so busy and so full of them selves and so greedy but they don't want to give us the time of day because they think they are Gods on earth to us mere mortals.

Enuf of a RAVE for today. Anyone know where a local one in Birmingham, ALabama will be soon?

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