Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plastic Seaman

I live in a town that does not recycle. I haven't found out why yet but it is on my list.

I have a metal can with a red and a blue rubber band around them on my dining table as a constant reminder to pursue this topic with a friend at City Hall.

I have a plastic bottle in my empty aquarium to remind me of where all this plastic is flowing to and what new organisms it is creating deep in the depths of the ocean as well as the effects we will suffer in future generations from ingesting all that toxic waste in seafood.

So what do we do? Well for starters, we must AWAKE and REMAIN AWARE! That's a start.

I am part of a nature group that celebrated Ostara, the Vernal Equinox, you know...SPRING!

You would think they are aware but we forget the little things. Like buying plastic cups instead of honoring the sacred trees and using paper. It's a basic law of Druidism that many claim to be and yet, there they are in the middle of the woods with more PLASTIC!

I found this old poem I wrote called "Plastics, Earth Technology, 2003-09-09"

Plastics Earth Technology
Father Son Holy-Ghost
Mother, Daughter, female Holy Ghost Mary Magdelene?
Is the "Holy Ghost" a reference to GOD?
So, it really goes...
Father, Son, God
Mother, Daughter, God
Split into Father and Mother
Split into Son and Daughter.
Split into Children.
Add Infinity.
No Problem.
Now I can go and watch my movie huh?
Thank You GOD.
Just say AMEN.

Miss Olivia wants to say hi to Tete. And says to remind Van to wash behind his ears real well.


It may not rhyme but when I channel, I hear many at once. Hope it helps you.

Ever just close your eyes and watch the play of light and dark on the inside of your eyelids like a big t.v. screen? Try going outside where the Sun is...

And if someone makes you doubt what you hear or see or feel, read "Conversations with GOD".

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