Sunday, March 28, 2010

Android versus Cyborg

My neice and I discussed the difference yesterday. She says humans are more like cyborgs and I think normal humans ARE androids. In a way, we are both a bit right.

Healthy humans are made of elements from the same periodic table that an android or cyborg is, just in different quantities of each. Lots of Carbon and H2O for humans (ugly bags of water) whereas Androids and Cyborgs have more metalic parts and synthetic chemicals instead of biological chemicals.

I see GOD as the ultimate MATRIX, a mesh of all four states of matter/energy. Matter states are Etheric, Gas, Liquid, Solid. Science still can't find PROOF of Etheric that is reliable (because it is so complex) but they are getting close.

They need to study the Kabbalah or stare briefly into the sun and then close them and see the patterns that form. You will begin to pierce the veil! Namaste!

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