Sunday, October 10, 2010

7 billion in 2011?

My sister had 10 children. Three were lost before birth and six are still living.

Those have eleven surviving children of their own (so far that I know of).

And THOSE children already have three children with one at seventeen now pregnant AGAIN, having dropped out of school with no spouse or job to support herself or her children.

My one niece has finally decided to at least CONSIDER adoption though she feels it won't work. She's never married (but is a common-law couple of near 20 years) since marriage is just too much of a commitment for people. The excuses are endless and pretty stupid but I guess I am just old fashioned and romantic. I like the idea of commitment.

I signed papers at my former job as soon as they said they were supporting gay couples. It was a big thing and I almost lost my job because I came out (they still allowed harassment in the work place because you couldn't prove it was because of my sexual preference (but that's another blog...)). I would have been married legally if I could have.

But having a family wasn't something we would have gone into lightly. Between our lifestyle and our back grounds, we felt the time wasn't right and might never be. But earlier in life, before I graduated and got a job and was not married would have just been plain STUPID.

And yet no one seems to be telling these kids that are making babies how wrong it is because they are so afraid of hurting people's feelings. Or just not being popular for saying what needs to be said but no one wants to hear OR say!


They say the brain doesn't finish growing until around the age of 25. By then, you have matured, had a chance to finish your education, and determine if you can afford to raise a baby and whether you SHOULD!

And with the population estimated to reach 7,000,000,000 in 2011 or 2012, maybe you could consider adoption.

Eventually something will happen. From starvation, to disease, to natural disasters, over-population makes them more extreme. Why not slow down and smell the roses? Play a game. Talk. Or at the very least, put a fucking rubber on it!

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