Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A excerpt from my fantasy fiction book

December 14th, 2015 (Tuesday) 2:24 AM.

A secret group can't remain secret because the "Age of Aquarius" folks are gaining super-powers. X-men and all kinds of Aliens (extraterrestrials) and shape-changers are keeping it secret and able to hide in PLAIN SIGHT (though many are hidden and fearful of how humans might react if they showed themselves) and are waiting for Hu-Mans to all (or at least a majority) come to their senses and see the prophets and Avatars, (those that have the 3rd eye still open), those X'ers emanating their god-like abilities just like the GREAT Teachers have been teaching, to use their abilities from the chakras (more than 7), and their own Chi as well as the Earth, Sun, Universe and beyond to do such things as move mountains with a simple thought instead of the dangerous way some radicals in many places in the World are doing with bombs. Wake up folks! The future is NOW!

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