Friday, July 27, 2012

On the down low

There are many that are part of the LGBT community but keep it secret for a variety of reasons.

In this time of tolerance, companies and their employees publicly state that they support "Diversity" which includes sexual preference but find other execuses to refuse to hire, refuse to promote, and to fire people. It is difficult to prove otherwise.

The same holds true for parental rights. Whether you are trying to keep your children, share parental custody, or adopt, the courts are even more open about considering your sexual prefence as a strike against you.

Religion is often at the root of these moral issues. I personally have found my spirituality to be very important to me. I know it takes a strong person to find their own path when everyone wants to show you their way but I am happy I chose to walk that path instead of giving up entirely.

I have had to struggle recently with the loss of a dear friend, their secrets, and the way I have been treated because I don't keep my sexuality a secret. My emotions run the full spectrum from annoyance to anger to pity and depression. I am exhausted.

But I am also surprised and thankful for where the support sometimes comes. So I keep on going and remain hopeful for the future. I try to be an example of a kind and loving person in the hopes that others will realize that I am no better or worse than most and should have the same rights as everyone in this country.

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