Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The PeePee Dance by the PooPoo Monster!

Okay, today at 7:32, I concede defeat. Sister Sheena Adams II has won THIS round.

I made the mistake of waking her up too early. I was very busy yesterday and was gone most of the day which was VERY hot. I was worried she might not have enough shade or be able to find it (being blind) so I kept her inside most of the day.

I came home to find that she was pissed. Or should I say that she had let me KNOW she was pissed by PEEing in the middle of my very high priced bed. Time for a rubber sheet though I hate the crinkly sound they make when I toss and turn at night. Resolve for Pets is my friend!

Round 1 to Sheena.

When I woke her this morning using the new Red, White, and Blue 911 2004 Emergency Bell to wake her up and find her food dish, she was slow to wake up and tired still. I wasn't really paying attention to her signing and didn't realize before it had begun that she needed to find the litter box (like most of us Cats and Dogs do when we wake).

She was close and dribbled a stream all the way as I moved her quickly to the box.

I thought, okay. That's enough. She now smells of pee and I have a mess to clean up so into the bath she went. She is pretty good about it. I think she likes getting clean. Drying her with a towel afterwards sounds like I am attempting to skin her alive!

I had the blow dryer out too to keep her warm and dry her more thoroughly and quickly and she really doesn't mind it. The towelling is the bad part. I had also laid her on my thick white sheep fur throw because she loves it so much she will usually stay a bit calm.

That didn't seem to work and all of a sudden, I noticed little tootsie rolls stuck on the rug. These were NOT the kind I would suggest eating although a certain great-grand nephew has a liking for them (Beadro!).

I gave up. Round 2 to Sheena!

I took and put her outside on the porch which she loves. If it's too hot and she gets confused as to how to get out of the sun, I lose round 3. But she is smart and stubborn and determined so I think she will be okay even if my meds make me forget her.

I would be more worried of the coyotes that roam the area at night. That's why I do not clip her claws. When cornered, like her Daddy, she comes out fighting!


Form of a Wild cat. Form of a Tiger. Form of TAZ (may he rest in peace, Jerry Brown's nickname).

Potenial pet owners BEWARE. Spay and Neuter your pets. Proper maintenance can be expensive. If you can't afford to Spay and Neuter them then you should be mature enough to NOT HAVE ANY!!!!!!!!

Treat them like your babies and cleaning up after them will often bring a smile to your face, a prayer of thanks to your lips, and a story to tell your tribe.


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