Friday, April 9, 2010

Animals in Prison Doing Life With NO Parole

I go to "Books, Beans, and Candles", a metaphysical shoppe in Birmingham, Alabama (check it out at and they have a free magazine called "Oracle 20/20".

In the April 2010 issue, there is an article on page 20, titled "Animals in Prison Doing Life with no Parole". It's one of those things that is dear to my heart.

The Birmingham Zoo has lost an elephant and a gorilla recently and if you watch the large anteater pace it's cage, you can understand how cruel caging animals is and how they slowly go insane. Is it no wonder that they attack us at Sea World and YET...Sea World is still allowed to use wild animals for our entertainment...

Some examples (even if you can't talk to animals) of abnormal behavior listed in the article are head-bobbing, biting cage bars, pacing, producing stillborns, playing with excrement and severely mutilating themselves.

It's why I keep renewing and then not renewing my Zoo membership.

The way I see it, if an animal becomes extinct, it is a punishment for our neglect and abuse of the environment and a much better wake up call than subjecting these poor creatures to a caged imprisonment for doing nothing but living and roaming a land human desire to be theirs.

So be it. Let us populate the world until the only thing left to eat is each other. I doubt even that will slow us down...

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