Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love is alive and well!

Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham

We each have a unique and wonderful path to traverse through life if we simply make the effort to find it and work hard being present each moment of our lives to ensure we remain on it. I consider myself quite fortunate to have found a wonderful sanctuary that supports me in that task. It welcomes all faiths and exposes me to love and light in so many forms and religions. When I go there I usually come away more educated of beliefs from many cultures. It helps me better understand and practice my belief of "ONENESS". It is called Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham and all are welcome.

During this wonderful time of equality for Alabama, the church has stepped up in offering information and services.

Marriage Services

Rev. Lone's Interview

Help with applying for a marriage license

Speak up!

In a time and area where the LGBT community struggles to find LOVE and SUPPORT, I can personally vouch for this organization. All are welcome. Give it a try!!1

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