Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Synchronicity - A Tale of Two Hummingbirds

Like many, I often ignore the whispers of the world. Gentle reminders that begin to stack up, getting louder and louder until they finally slap me in the face!

Today was one of those days. It all started when I noticed my hummingbird feeder had gone down a bit and then stopped. In the back of my mind, I knew the little fellows had arrived, checked out the local watering hole, and found it wanting. I knew it was sour.

I kept putting off changing it but someone didn't like that. I fed my fish, tended the plants, and rushed back in before the skeeters got their fill of MY sweet nectar!

A day or two ago, I saw a friend post that they had filled their hummingbird feeder and were no longer worried about being attacked by hummingbirds. I found this amusing, made a note about filling mine and almost instantly forgot about it.

Today, between thunderstorms, I went outside to tend the garden. I looked up at the hummingbird feeder and noted I STILL had not fixed it and promptly went on my way to other things.

My cat was enjoying having her "pond" back for the first day so I filled it up enough so that she could have her fill of water.

She was soon sated and waiting at the door to go back in (One drop of rain had fallen and hit her and it was time for the "Princess" to head for dryer ground!).

I convinced her to stay a while and proceeded to tend the plants. There was no need to water them so I picked up an empty pot to start rearranging stuff when I was almost run over by two hummingbirds that had just flown from my red honeysuckle plant heading for the feeder that I was in the way of.

(This is a picture of the red honeysuckle from last year since the hummingbird is already at the newly cleaned and refilled feeder.)

I froze (so as not to frighten them TOO much) as one zoomed around my head. The second one (that was chasing the first) stopped and hovered a foot away, staring me in the face. BUSTED!!! He stayed their for a few moments just to make sure he knew I knew he knew. Ya' know?

As soon as he hummed away, I put the pot down and grabbed the feeder. I brought it inside, turned the faucet on and started cleaning it. I couldn't help but take a sniff and yup, it was sour. That little hummingbird staring me down popped into my head. I could almost imagine the smugness on his face!

I washed it good, filled it with heaping spoonfuls of hummingbird mix (with one to grow on) and put it back out. The ants were waiting too but I got rid of them. Hopefully the birds will notice it's full and give me a second chance (they always do). Soon the "hum" of their wings and the "chitter" of territorial chatter will soon fill the air again. And I will try to be a bit more "mindful" of my cues and avoid the wrathful look!!!

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