Monday, June 4, 2012

Primitive emotions and more enlightened responses

When my lawn mower was stolen recently, I felt anger, fear, and a desire for revenge. The lawn mower was hidden under a black trash bag, under my back porch, and right up against my house.

The thought of someone coming onto my property put both anger and fear in me. Living right next to the largest railroad switching station in Alabama, I have the added railroad security constantly driving around and monitoring the area. Our local police force is also good at their job so I felt quite safe and secure where I live.

The fact that my neighbors had lost their home of 17 years and had moved out made me realize some low-life had noticed the house was vacant and there would be less people to see their evil deed.

The thought that they might have done this while I was home raised my level of anger and fear even more and I began to think of revenge. I wanted these people hurt in a bad way. Three times as much as they hurt me!

Instead, I released the problem to Spirit. I decided I didn't know who had done it or why. I did trust my higher power to know more about the situation and handle it from a better place of judgement than I could. It didn't make all the primitive emotions disappear but I felt a LOT better.

The next step was to remind myself that someone cared. Living alone, that fell to me. Who better to know anyway? So I took myself out to dinner, bought myself some flowers, and a few gifts (yes, one was a lawn mower).

The planting of the flowers was theraputic also and got me outside instead of moping about the stolen lawn mower. I got them on sale so that was even better. When you see me post pics of white amarillo's and pink dahlia's, perhaps you'll remember how I tried to make stolen lawn mowers into flowers.

The other gifts will remind me also that I am still very fortunate in many ways. They will remind me I can be more mature in my responses to those primitive emotions. That every bad thing that happens is an opportunity to practice what I preach for it is a learning process for most of us.

Instead of wasting energy shouting at the world, asking it to bring it on, I feel much better doing the things I did. I feel they are more mature and enlightened and are examples of the change I would like to see in the world. I find it returns more blessings and positive energy to me and I like my world to work that way.


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