Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy's and Daddy's

I realize that change is inevitable. I also realize it isn't always good. I also know that like anything, people view change differently, some as good, some as bad.

One change I don't like is the reference to a mother or father of a child as "my baby's daddy" or "my baby's mommy".

It seems disrespectful to the nameless parent AND the child. It seems immature by the user.

If you refer to the other parent of your child like this, aren't you teaching your child disrespect for that parent? Even if you don't like this person anymore, is that a view you want to teach your child? Being disrespectful from the beginning?

Legally, in custody issues, that's a no-no. Even if you aren't bound by law, you should still take the high road and be kind (or silent) about the other parent, letting your child form it's own opinions.

It also seems like a way to often let the other parent off the hook. If not named, they aren't known publicly for not being a part of the child's life.

I realize there are many different situations but creating a nameless parent seems to go down a sad dark road.

I don't have children but I did have parents. I may have issues with them but I don't deny them. I am very proud they didn't deny each other. It's nice to have a bit of knowledge to ground my life in. They are my mommy and daddy but it's nice to be able to tell people WHO they are... Margaret and Almon.

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