Sunday, April 10, 2011

Against all odds

I consider myself a realist. Since this is based on MY personal experiences in life, it leads me to be a pessimist and often cynical. But I do observe others and try to emulate some of what I see and like as long as I don't find myself straying into what seems to me to be a fantasy land of perfection. To me, it seems dishonest though I see the benefits in positive reinforcement.

Which brings me to todays topic. Hope.

I have been exposed in many ways to the negative ways of others. Hospice for instance, is focused on death and preparation for it. Many involved in the field can't even understand a terminal patient not obsessing over preparations for death but instead continuing to cling to hope.

Doctors and medical commercials seem to often be going the same direction. They focus on your ills and tell you all the dangers you are in or heading to instead of focusing on the positive aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

To me, from my own experience, there is always hope. I try my best to be positive when others need it. ESPECIALLY when they ask for it. In those instances, I try to lay aside my normal tendency to preach and just support someone with positive words. Even to the point of roaming into that fantasy land of dishonesty for I have occasionally returned with someone in hand.

I don't know the reason nor do I need to. All I do know is that when needed, against all odds, I too can be positive and help to set someone else upon a rare path with just a kind smile and a little bit of hope.

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