Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP, greed, finger-pointing, deception

(sigh) Where to start?

I guess the thing that is really annoying me is how the news is showing the oil washing up on beaches, witnesses are talking about the smell, and merchants are complaining about the loss of business. Yet the coastal states are ALL running ads saying everything is fine.

Just because BP is bamboozling everyone seems to justify the state tourism boards being able to lie to the tourists.

And if BP is compensating the merchants for their losses, can I get reimbursed when I go to the beach only to discover they are fouled and my vacation ruined? Do I petition the tourist board or can I go directly to BP?

My father died prematurely because the oil company he worked for wouldn't pay for his medical treatment. We almost lost our house too. I know first hand how corrupt MOST corporations are. It just shows how right I am when I say American is not a Democracy but Capitalistic Society.

But let's face it. We are ALL responsible for this accident and it's ramifications. There are few out there (and none reading this) they can claim their life does not revolve around oil.

The gas to drive a vehicle is just one part. Think of what is made from oil and all the products created from it (such as the pc you are reading this on). Accidents happen. So do bad decisions.

Until (if?) we find better ways to co-exist on this planet it will continue to grow into a place where the seas are our toilets and every secluded path of land a garbage can (landfill). Just wait until the nuclear landfills begin to degrade. That should really prove interesting for our children. If we make it that far.

If this is such an issue, why not close down all the deep wells? Or all wells? Our addiction to oil has got us by the balls. That's why our military is over in the middle-east.

Again, I admit I am part of the problem myself. I am using this computer aren't I? I don't have the solutions but I get so tired of seeing so much finger-pointing and lies on the subject.

And like another FB friend said, where is all the international humanitarian aid for the U.S. in this time of need? As usual, we are expected to give to the world, not receive. And we're the bad guys?

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