Thursday, May 20, 2021

ChAnGe and A Blessing.

 As we move into a global communication network,

We will see the struggles for Good versus Evil become more intense as well as sublime.

We each define these terms just as we define compassion for those not like ourselves.

Charity especially, is so terribly subjective from our own personal Greed.

Whether it is because we must put food on the table,

A roof over our heads,

A way to travel,

Ourselves, children, family, friends, neighbors, communities and the World all have to be prioritized according to the wealth we are comfortable with accumulating versus sharing.

Perhaps think upon these things as you read the following blessing:


Ein SOF:

Above and Below,

Within and Without,

To Infinity and Beyond,

Bless this place,

these beings,

this moment,

With Good



Charity and


Send Good Blessings,

Bless me,

Bless you,

Bless us,

Our Avatars, Jesus, Buddha, Bodhisattvas,

Angels, Saints, Spirits,

Our Ancestors and Mighty Dead,

Fairy Folk and other realms,

Light, Shadow, Dark,

Empower us to be vessels for Good Love and Compassion and Justice and Charity,

To Infinity and Beyond,

Blessed Be, Namaste and Amen.

2021-May-20th Ivan J. Adams.

Think upon such words as "Love" and "Good" from what they mean to "you" versus "me" or "us".  Are we all of like minds in wealth or charity?  What is Good from my Spiritual standpoint versus yours and theirs? Religious and Political views are a very good examples when using generalizations and assumptions about the terms "me", "you", "us", "them".

The term I came up with, I.T., the Intelligent Totality is in itself interesting with the more broad terms of it, she, he and they.  I am comfortable with any but I respect each persons path and the struggle for their own personal identity.  It is hard to remember, but eventually, as we respect each individual's path, this too shall pass.


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