Saturday, April 17, 2021

The dilemma that is CLEAN UNDERWARE!!!

 Some that know me are aware of my many "issues".  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of them although you may agree with me that it's not always a disorder, instead more of a DESIRE-FOR-order!!!

So, yesterday I finally solved a mystery that is common at the Rainbow Dragon's Lair.  Things going missing in this dungeon of a house no matter how many times I walk RIGHT PAST THEM!!!  It's what I call "selective-seeing", similar to what most spouses, parents, and children are often accused of having, "selective-hearing"! (But that's an "issue" for another blog...fight among yourselves about it for now)

Let's backtrack a bit.

Some folks might see my desire to hang all hangers in the closet with the open hook facing in as an OCD trait that's not an issue.  Others even say my desire to have all my shirts on those hangers facing the same way is okay too.  You might even like a particular hanger that has indentions to catch the sleeves from falling off.  OCD boys and girls!!!  

Now, here's where it begins to get a bit cray-cray with me.

I will give away any hangers that are not white.  Also, any that are smooth without the above indentions.  AND, if I can't find one, I will get in my car at ANY time and drive across town to get the SAME brand at the only 24-hour store that sells them!!!  And yes, since COVID-19, the fact that I don't have access to a 24-hour store has caused my use of Xanax to go through the roof!

I also like a different hanger for heavy pants and of course, they DO have to all face the same way when hung.  Also, due to the ADHD (also known as "selective-seeing", "selective-hearing", etc.), I may pick up the WRONG hangers at the store 50 miles away and have to drive back and get the right ones (all the time annoyed there is no one at customer service to return the wrong ones at 3AM).

So, don't laugh at me when I talk to you about underwear UNLESS you have NO OCD traits!!!

Here we go.

I wash underwear twice.  They're the dirtiest part of clothing unless you re-use pads (you know somebody does it).  Ever heard of a man-pon?  Also, if I run out, I am more likely to go buy more underwear than do a load of wash.  And here's where yesterday's mystery was solved.

I have reached maximum capacity for my drawers drawer.  I can no longer fit them all in one dresser drawer.  It's time to sort and discard but now that I have over 50 pairs, I have been avoiding it.  As it turns out, I have so many pairs of drawers (underwear), I can misplace half of them and not notice...much.

So in a rare mood of energy and little back pain, I began putting all my washed clothes away from the basement.  And discovered underneath a clean set of bedsheets in one of my many hampers (washing can become an OCD issue), I found the other half of my underwear that had been sitting in the basement FOR MONTHS!!!

Although I did consider re-washing them due to loss of "fresh-scent", I decided, being single, I was the only one that would be smelling them so the fading fresh-scent was fine.  I still can't fit them all in the one drawer and I have no room for another dresser (I am still considering this option, I kid you not!).

At the moment, my preferences are for Hanes, Boxers, Colored (I'd like all-black to hide racing stripes but it's too cost-prohibitive) but I may go back to white briefs so I can bleach them bad-boys extra clean!   

Now come on, what are your OCD "issues", healthy or not (who's to judge? LOL)?

Hope this gave you a chuckle.


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