Saturday, June 19, 2021


 I am severely diabetic and my doctor has been poorly playing "up the insulin" b(because I am the doctor, so I know best)!!!

I even have repeatedly told her since getting the "stomach sleeve" surgery that changes in my insulin levels aremore dangerous than ever but she does not understand the subtle nuances of this deadly disease.

From anxiety to mood swings, my natural body inclination to question everything is not just the way I am.

After becoming diabetic, this can ALSO SOMETIMES indicate I am entering a diabetic crash in the middle of a normal heated discussion.

We can all laugh at Ivan (aka Van) and jokingly say "How will we know the difference?"?

I will say you can't. As the sugar drops, I become befuddled and unreasonably argumentative. Just like anyone trying to get their point across in a noisy or chaotic place.

Sweating is also a sign of a crash. I also sweaty excessively regularly due to my physiology ("sweating disease") and being obese 311 pounds this week. Again, no way to tell without testing my blood.

Anger at attempting to test, to calm, to mis-diagnos, to blame my meds or lack of meds, just to shut me up is not the solution.

1) Get me a Cherry Coke, a Mountain Dew, or a LARGE 16 OUNCE JUICE OR SUGAR. I may not take it but don't talk, just DO THE DEW. You may save our lives ( mine and yours).

2) Get me to a car or bed and drop the A/C to 69°.

3) PLEASE BE PATIENT and if at all possible, since I am in huge medical debt already, ONLY CALL 911 "AS A LAST RESORT"!!! PLEASE???

This "sleeve" surgery is where they cut out ⅔ of your stomach (which is thought to be the part where hunger hormones are produced).

So, if my insulin in-take is any higher than now (I used to take 75 to 100 per meal before the weight loss surgery), around 4 or 5 meals a day; my doctor's ignorance about the many symptoms of diabetes that are symptoms of many other diseases (I was crushed at birth) may well end my life.

My doctor is my friend. 

She is also a know-it-all and has yet to sit down with me and my three binders of medical history. 

Humana is planning cto do so and hopefully will see the neurological damage the crushed skull during birth started.  

They will understand that the life-long spinal damage from birth added to the lower back pain from digging a ditch 13 hours straight without a break at 16 AND the two accidents with 18-wheelers (loss of memory one time, untreated whiplash the second) has made me appear as a hypochondriac instead of a very I'll, very tough, strong-will son-of-a-bitch!!!

NOTE: Artificial insulin is like marijuana, it makes you VERY hungry!!! (About 100 times normal or ten times being high on pot as a reference. I am NOT JOKING!!! 

Diet you say? Die with a capital T. One acronym, P.O.T.S., look it up!!! My doctor refused to. "Just stand up slowly.

Furthermore, my sister was diagnosed will Kugelberg-Welander syndrome. Boys suffer later in life. I have asked to be genetically tested but that's a negative strike on an over-worked lesbian doctor. I'd get better care (I know from observations) if I were a female patient instead of a male so-called hypochondriac!!!!!!

I can't constantly crash and can't go any higher in insulin so I will be leaving facebook and focusing on my health since my partner and caregiver is dead and I have to care for myself.

I apologize for the inconvenience but I am putting my health and welfare first.

I am still available through messenger if needed. Please do not be concerned about me if I do not respond in a timely fashion.

I have narcolepsy-like comas as well as sugar-comas (too little or too much). Due to schizo-affective disorder, they have to be careful with my ADHD medicine. I understand this. I respect this I am also very very very frustrated by the label and the lack of proper management of my health.

Physical and physiological as well as Spiritual (claiming speaking with angels or dead or aliens or Gods and Goddesses an other Pantheons of dieties Saints and such is not valid outside the confines of the loony bin unless you can convince your psychiatrist and therapist to let you roam free. It's not funny. It's sad but true!

I am well and with focusing on my health, I am and will continue to be well.

Take care, Blessed Be, Namaste, Peace Out and AMEN. 

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  1. I'm here for you friend. Now that I understand the symptoms be aware I'll be asking those questions.